NOAA Global Climate Analysis 2013

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released their "Global Analysis - Annual 2013," showing the year 2013 has tied with 2003 as the fourth warmest year globally since records began in 1880.  The report includes global and U.S. data and covers the state of the climate, temperature, precipitation and more.  To read the report, click here.


Welcome! With the belief that it is the responsibility of engineering professionals and engineers to respond to the global challenge of addressing worldwide greenhouse gas emissions, the five major engineering societies, AIChE, ASME, AIME (AIST, SPE, TMS, SME), IEEE, and ASCE, have joined together to organize an initiative to the challenges posed by developing and implementing technologies for Carbon Management. This website will serve as a resource on the challenges to our collective 1 million members and society at large.

Click here to learn about the strategies the U.S. government is using within its own federal agencies regarding adaptation to climate change.

This article from The Global Warming Policy Foundation and Dr. Benny Peiser discusses the use of coal in Germany and some other parts of Europe.

Presented in the January 8, 2014 Federal Register, the proposed rule that was signed in September 2013,  Standards of Performance for Greenhouse Gas Emissions from New Stationary Sources: Electric Utility Generating Units, can be found here.

A study from the Transportation Research Board defines a standardized, conceptual approach to assessing global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of the transportation component of supply chains, and more.

Press release from December 19, 2013.  Read it here.

  • The 2013 IEEE-USA National Energy Policy Recommendations were developed by the Energy Policy Committee and approved by the IEEE-USA Board. They reflect the most recent changes in the energy supply and the state-of-the art in energy technology. View the latest document by following the above link.

  • FSCM is proud to announce that Veronika Rabl, IEEE representative on the FSCM intiative, recently published an article as a co-author in the Jounral of Energy Policy. The paper is titled "External Costs of Nuclear: Greater of Less than the Alternatives?" Click the link to read the full article.